Data-Driven Project

Data-Driven Project


My data-driven project addresses a central question regarding student achievement that Pine Administrators want data to assist in answering: How many parents (the percentage) attended student led conferences in person, to support their student’s academic success this year during a pandemic? There were exclusions and modifications made due to Covid-19 that had to be accounted for.

The data collected is the number of parents in attendance in-person on November 17th, 2021. The data was collected from the parent sign-in sheets and the form named “My Student Has Completed Their Conference”. The data was finalized on November 18th and 19th.

The results of the data are below in a PDF format. The results were analyzed by the committee on November 22nd and 23rd. The data analysis represents how many parents attended student led conferences (SLC) during a pandemic year. Overall, the data collected answers the central question.

Formation of Committee:

There were four teachers and myself on the Plan Committee which met November 22nd. The committee members were Mr. Slater, Mr. Irigoin, Mr. Kolesnick, Mr. Tucker, and myself. The plan designed by the committee was to get 80% parent attendance in person. All students at Pine MS are impacted by the plan in grades 6, 7, & 8. All of the teachers on staff were part of carrying out the plan.

What Was Learned:

The plan was implemented a month before the student-led conference date (October 17th-November 17th). The plan implementation was in effect from October 17th until November 23rd. We learned how many parents attended the in person student led conferences. The percentage was 65%.

The plan benefitted student achievement through parent support, communication, and involvement. Parents are the main support for their students academic achievement and their involvement in SLC is crucial to knowing how their student is doing and how to better support them.

Next Steps:

The recommended Next Steps based on what was learned from collecting the Data and carrying out the Plan are:

*One SLC per year vs. two

*Serve food to draw more parents

*Incentivize parent attendance with a $500 gift card to be raffled off to one winner at the end of the conferences

*Take a whole school day to do the conferences with each conference 30-40 minutes in length

Student Led Conferences
Parent Sign-In Sheet
Data Collection Results