The standards I have chosen are those that proved most valuable to my learning experience and growth as a future administrator.

Standard 4e: Promotes the effective use of technology in the service of teaching and learning

Summary: I attended a Zoom meeting with Mrs. Knecht which was a “What The Tech” class that teaches skills for using Teams and OneNote in evaluations of staff. Different resources and skills were taught and spoken about. I made a Word document template for how to do evaluations that I can reference in the future when I am called upon to do evaluations.

Connection: The task connects to assessment and promotes the effective use of technology in the service of teaching and learning.

Reflection : It is helpful to keep learning as an administrator and attending classes that keep you current with what is going on in the ever-changing educational tech world.

Standard 10e: Employs situationally-appropriate strategies for improvement, including transformational and incremental, adaptive approaches and attention to different phases of implementation

Summary: I worked with the Dean on Tier 2 attendance incentives for students who have excessive tardies and absences. We called in three students and explained the Student Attendance Contract and showed the students their attendance on the computer. We explained if they did not meet the expectations of the contract then they would possibly go to Tier 3 which is being assigned a Truancy Officer. The incentives for adherence are daily Pine Bucks and a free trampoline pass.

Connection: The task connects to employing situationally-appropriate strategies for improvement that are incremental and have different phases on implementation.

Reflection: This task was helpful to find out how attendance is tracked, what Tier 2 is, and how to incentivize good behavior for attendance. I liked how the Dean explained to the students what was happening, the process, and how he helped them understand the importance of regularly attending school.